New changes too the 19 B Barbershop operations

May 18, 2020

Ok so here we go. As like everything since the Covid 19 the 19B Barbershop will not be running the same. 19B will be taking bookings starting May 26th. All appointments have had 10 mins added for cleaning time which will be needed to clean and sanitize. All clients are required to bring and wear a mask in the shop. If there is a client in the shop do not enter. Stay in your vehicle or sit on the bench and I will come and get you. Vacate premises as soon as your done there will be no hanging around. I(Racheal) have a lot of clients and I am only booking about half of what I used to do. We all need to be patient. We will get through this. See you all soonish💇‍♀️😷💇‍♂️🙏

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